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The Magazine

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Since 2003, when Lume Arquitetura Magazine was launched, it has become a reference for professionals involved in all lighting activities in Brazil such as projects, creation, development and manufacture of lighting products.

Lume Arquitetura is a magazine about lighting in architecture. Lighting in architecture in its broad sense: urban spaces, building interiors and the role of lighting in the art and technique of organizing spaces and creating environments where the most diverse types of human activities take place.

Lume Arquitetura was a pioneer - the first Brazilian magazine dedicated exclusively to the lighting theme. Working very efficiently in its mission of informing and helping towards the development of the market and its professionals, the mark of Lume Arquitetura’s editorial proposal is its belief in the strength of the lighting market, the industry and the work of lighting designers, without losing its focus.

Lume Arquitetura is an independent magazine, the result of the commitment of professional journalists with experience in the lighting segment. The magazine is made up of a team highly involved in all fronts of the market: the professionals of lighting projects, manufacturers, shop owners specialized in lighting, the professionals involved in the teaching of the subject, in short, with the development of the lighting culture. Lume Arquitetura makes use of accessible language and is concerned with the visual quality without neglecting the information. Lume brings in all its editions, matters of general interest to those working in the area as well as more specific technical articles.

The architecture lighting market in Brazil and in other countries around the world still has a lot of room to develop and grow. Our approach is a positive one as the theme ‘lighting’ arouses the interest of an increasing number of people.

We live a very promising moment for the growth of the lighting market but, for that to happen the knowledge about the art and science of lighting needs to be widely spread. In specific and new markets such as lighting, the best strategy to conquer the consumer is to make useful information available. Only through deep knowledge of the market and its professionals and a good relationship with opinion makers in Brazil and other countries, it will be possible to promote the exchange of quality information. This interaction and integration provide Lume Arquitetura with a safe path and consistent content determining this publication editorial led by a team which is aware and committed to supplying the reader with useful, good quality and really interesting material to those working in this market.

As a result of these educational features Lume Arquitetura has been considered as reference material for both professionals and business.

  • Residential Lighting
  • Office Lighting
  • Industry Lighting
  • Public and Outdoor Lighting
  • Interior Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Lighting Controls